when it is time to take him home…

At my baby shower, our baby boy received so many beautiful clothes as gifts. So much so that I have spent the last couple days doing load after load of laundry in preparation for his arrival. At this point, he has an entire drawer dedicated to socks, hats, and shoes and the kid won’t actually be walking in them while they fit. Not that I am complaining though. I mean, is there anything cuter than teeny baby shoes, other than the actual baby? I think not.

Not only did he receive a lot of “outfits” but they are all (thankfully) really cute. Most of the gifts we received are in larger sizes because as we know babies grow very fast. In fact, we have hardly any clothes for the 0-3 months age. I think my family and friends are trying to tell me they think this baby is going to be HUGE. Considering I was almost 10 lbs when I was born, having a large baby would not be very shocking. Regardless of their hinting, I don’t think I can take baby boy home from the hospital in this…



A bit much for a newborn!

Instead, I intend on taking him home in something a bit more simple–think onesie, socks, maybe a cute hat–nothing too crazy. I want to select something I really love for pictures but also something that he can wear as long as possible. It makes no sense to me to pick something that he will wear only once, ya know? Here are some of the little outfits I am considering.





GH Outfit 3.jpg

(source L, R)


nursery progress

Good morning kittens! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I sure did. In addition to spending some much needed time with my hubs, I got to spend time with two of my favorite people.

IMG_1176.JPG IMG_1202.JPG

Okay, okay. Crosby is not a person and I do spend 90% of my time with him but I couldn’t resist posting his cute little face. Truth is, my sister Molli came up to visit and help me set up the nursery. Until recently, I had pretty much been using that room as a universal catch all. It was embarrassing and, quite frankly, starting to freak. me. out. I am now 33 weeks into my pregnancy and even though I had purchased mostly all of the nursery furniture, nothing was put together. It was time people. I just couldn’t stare at it any longer. Nesting has officially kicked in.

I should add that my husband is an amazing help. If I need help with anything, he is there. But last week, he started a huge project at his company which basically requires him to work from 7 am until midnight, with a 45 minutes commute each way thrown in. Finding the time to put together all of the furniture was not happening. And because I am in “this must get done NOW” mode, I needed someone else to help right away.

Enter Molli. She happily volunteered to help put together all the furniture and help me organize all of the gifts from the baby shower. Love this girl. I am not sure about you, but most people I know do not jump up and down about putting together Ikea furniture. Not that I that am surprised though. I am incredibly lucky because that is the type of relationship I have with my sisters. They are my best friends. If one of us needs anything, we are there as soon as we can to help. That sort of mentality is central to the way my parents raised us (and probably why all three of us had an obsessive attraction to Little Women as children). I hope that my children share a similar bond.


So after spending the first day playing and eating some delicious food, we started the furniture building process. Yes, she is wearing a dress. That is just how she rolls. After a couple hours and, shockingly, no arguments we had a dresser, a bookcase/changing table, and a crib. I am going to wait to post pictures of the whole room until it is is done but here is a little preview…






So far I am loving this room. Next up…coloring up these walls a bit without painting since we rent. Any ideas (other than decals)?


P.S. Thank you Molls for being such a great help!

i miss food trucks <3

In addition to visiting Bruxie , I had to make a stop at some of my beloved food trucks when I was visiting my family in Southern California. We have food trucks up here in the Bay Area but there are not nearly as many. Plus, I can never seem to track them down when I am in the mood! Back at home, my mom has become food truck obsessed and pretty much always knows where a group of trucks is gathered on any given day. I wonder where I got my love of food…hmmm?

This time around, she picked a great food truck gathering in Anaheim that had some trucks I really wanted to try! Here is what we sampled:



I have pretty much been in love with Greek food from the moment I tried it. In fact, my husband and I love Greek food so much that we went to Greece for our honeymoon! The food from Louks is so fresh and comes pretty darn close to the street food we ate while we were in Greece. Plus, the guys that run the truck are so much fun. They are dancing and just keeping the energy up the whole time. In fact, I started dancing while I was waiting for my food which was probably pretty awkward considering I am 7 1/2 months pregnant. I have no shame! 🙂


Speaking of no shame, here is my dad ordering his food. Here he is talking (which involves moving his hands really fast) while trying to order something that probably isn’t on the menu. He likes to “invent” things everything time we order at a restaurant. It is adorable, hilarious, and he usually gets his way.


One thing that is on the menu that is a must try has to be the Honey Feta Fries. These are incredible! The combo of salty and sweet is ridiculously addictive!


The beef and lamb gyro was delicious as well. I love that they put fries inside just like when we were in Greece!


My sister and I split the chicken burrito gyro which was significantly larger than the other wrap and came with spicy feta cheese and grilled onions in addition to everything that came with the regular gyro. I actually liked the chicken more than the beef and lamb which is hardly ever the case but seriously this was delicious and really fresh tasting! After trying Louks, I can definitely see why it is my sister’s favorite out of all of the trucks she has tried. Great experience!


Piaggio is the one and only Argentine food truck in Southern California. Love that! I had tried Argentine food a couple times in the past but this was my first time trying this particular truck. We only tried a few items but the ones we tried were fantastic!


My sister and I split the chicken empanadas which came with a side of chimichurri sauce. I absolutely loved these. The crust was flaky and the filling was flavorful. I particularly loved the chimichurri sauce that accompanied it because it added a light, cooling contrast to the hot flaky dough. Yum!


Next up was the the pulled pork sliders which were shared by Reg and my dad. They let me have a bite and the pork was juicy and accented nicely with that delicious chimichurri. Plus anything served on a Hawaiian sweet roll is a win in my book. I definitely look forward to trying more from Piaggio next time I am in the area.



I have made no secret on this blog of how much I love shave ice. Not shaved ice–shave ice. Very important distinction there. Shave ice is light and fluffy. There should be no crunchy pieces. Thankfully, Tropical Shave Ice gets it right.


I tried the Tiger’s Blood, Pineapple, and Lilikoi with ice cream of course. So so good. Fluffy ice and perfectly sweet syrups. Plus, the people that worked on this truck were SO nice and patient with our large group. I will definitely be tracking them down again next time I am in Southern Cal.

I highly recommend trying all three of these trucks if you are in the area!