nursery update

I realize that I did not blog at all last week but my grandmother was in town visiting for the week. Since she lives in Southern California, I rarely get to see her and I really wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. While she was here we had a great time catching up and exploring the area. Other than just spending time with her, what I was most excited about was picking out fabric for a unique antique chair that was actually in my mother’s nursery.


This chair was given to my grandmother from a family friend for my mother’s nursery. It was considered vintage at the time, given that it was already over twenty years old when she received it. Now it is over seventy years old! I love that my mom kept it all these years and was even more thrilled when she said I could have it for baby boy’s nursery. The cushions that were on the fabric are long gone so my grandmother offered to make new ones. She is very crafty!

I was determined to find the perfect fabric while she was here so we drove to a couple different fabric stores in town but nothing felt right. I knew I wanted something modern, that would grow with him as opposed to being overly babyish. So, I went back to etsy for some inspiration and in my favorites I found a beautiful green and white chevron fabric. Since, I am adding pops of that exact green in the nursery, I knew that I had to find that fabric. A couple google searches later, the fabric was mine! I cannot wait to see how it turns out.


Since we cannot paint the walls of our apartment, I have decided to do a wall of colorful prints and photographs. I intend on using a couple baby pictures of me, the hubs, and Crosby the pug for the photographs. Then, I am planning on using my (very limited) Illustrator skills to design one large print. I turned to etsy for the rest!



First I picked these unique alphabet signs. My mom has called me blueberry for as long as I can remember so that one is a no brainer. The zeppelin print was an easy pick as well. We thought it was a fun, youthful tribute to one of our favorite bands.

And because pugs have to have some more face time in the nursery, I plan on buying these prints as well:



I cannot wait to see it all come together!


Nursery Love

From the moment I found out that I was pregnant, I have been dreaming about the nursery. Sure, a baby does not really need his/her own room but I really enjoy interior design and I knew this would be a project that would make my pregnancy even more fun. I am no where near an expert, but I am very excited about the progress we have made so far.

Once we found out the sex, the design process really took off. However, I am definitely not a fan of theme nurseries. I do not have themes to other rooms in my house so it just does not make sense to do so in his room. Our current apartment is pretty small and we cannot paint so I am trying to add pops of yellow, blue, and green accented with gray to really make it special. For the overall look, I envision something modern and playful with touches of vintage charm but nothing too babyish.


Oeuf Sparrow Crib in White

This is the first piece of furniture we purchased. We really wanted to buy it immediately but the price tag was a bit scary.

Luckily, our local Giggle store had a floor sample in great condition marked down and we scored an amazing deal!

il_fullxfull.170035807.jpg   6031912-1.jpg   il_570xN.209515502.jpg

Crib Bedding made by etsy seller fingersandtoes!

We skipped the bumper and will just be using a flat crib skirt and fun, printed sheets for a clean look.


Ikea Hemnes Dresser in White

This will also serve as the changing table. I am currently looking at some knobs to make

it a bit more special and add some more pops of color.

This was actually the first thing I purchased for the baby.
I remember having one of these when I was a kid and I loved it! I hope he does too.


Some other things I am loving: