Jax’s 1st Birthday Party

This past Saturday, we were joined by our friends and family to celebrate the big kahuna’s 1st birthday.

Traditionally, Hawaiian babies have a huge 1st birthday luau celebration. This tradition dates back to the days when missionaries came to Hawai’i, infected the islanders with diseases and sadly many children did not make it to their 1st birthday. So in turn, when a child did reach the age of one, a huge luau took place. Hawaiian families have carried this tradition on for over 100 years.

We had many of the traditional luau foods—kalua pig, teriyaki beef, huli huli chicken, mac salad, rice, lomi lomi salmon, ahi poke, sushi, and fruit. Sadly, I did not snap a single picture of any of it. This is probably because the food was so delicious that is was almost all gone by the end of the party.

While Reg’s family was in charge of the main course, I focused on my favorite part of any party, the desserts and the decor. I went with a retro beach theme to tie into the luau and I think it turned out pretty great. My husband did almost all of the graphic design, other than the invitation. I tried to make as many things as possible other than the desserts, because let’s face it, that would not have been pretty to look at. I went to my favorite bakery, Sweet & Saucy, for the cakes, key lime pie tarts (!!!), mini strawberry shortcakes, and cake pops. Everything was so delicious and beautiful.


I also set up a wall with pictures of Mr. J from every month. It is amazing to see how much our little man has grown in just one year. In the middle, there is a copy of a print Reggie made for his nursery with the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s Forever Young.

I tried to tie the beach and luau themes together by adding gummy pigs and sharks, making the drink area “The Sand Bar,” and placing sand filled jars and goldfish cracker filled buckets on each table. I added little toy VW vans and Jax’s ukelele to the display. Plus, each kid took home a sand pail filled with candy, sunscreen, sunglasses, bubbles, and a beach ball. I had way too much fun putting those together.



All together, I am thrilled with how the party turned out. Jax was in the best mood. He loved being the center of attention, the cake, spending time with everyone and swimming in the pool. But mostly, he loved the cake. I loved taking a step back and realizing how far I have come as a mother and how proud I am of both Jax and myself for who we are today. 

I will be back with more party photos, including adorable shots of Jax devouring his entire cake. Oh and in case you are wondering if he slept that night, he didn’t. I think that was his little present to me. Such a sweet little guy.


happy birthday baby

My dear Jackson,

When your father and I named you we chose your middle name Kalamaku’okano’eau because of a dream I had one night. In that dream, someone asked about the meaning of your Hawaiian name and your father responded “Kalama, light bearer.” I didn’t know it at the time but that is exactly what I needed, no, we needed this last year. Someday when you are older you will come to understand, my Kalama, that life doesn’t always go according to plan. In those moments you need to focus on the good in your life and push forward. And if you are very lucky, you will have someone that is so special that every time you utter their name, picture their face, kiss their cheek, or cuddle their tiny body you are immediately filled with so much joy it feels as if you may burst. That is what you do for me sweet child. You are the light in a world that sometimes feels like it is filled with so much darkness. Sure, you had your moments this year. There was Colic, reflux, and your apparent allergy to sleeping more than 1 hour at a time. Thankfully, you seem to have outgrown all three.

Those are not the moments I remember most though. Instead, I focus on the way you smiled at me on your second day in the hospital. Sure it was probably gas but to me it was the world. I remember the first time you latched like a champ. I never thought breastfeeding would get any easier and now, a year later, we are still going strong. I smile thinking about the smell of your milk breath and how, for the first three months of your life, you wanted nothing more than to just sleep in my arms. I am glad that I always let you, even if it meant I didn’t get to shower that day. I won’t look back on my life and wish I held you less. I think about the day that you recognized my face and smiled. The day you said “mama.” The day you crawled toward me for the first time, suddenly appearing at my feet in the kitchen which was about 5 feet away from where I sat you down. I loved the proud look on your face and how it reappeared the day you stood up on your own for the first time and then again when you took your first steps. It is the perfect combination of confidence, patience, and excitement. I love the way you give me a kiss then pull away then immediately come back for one more because you know one isn’t enough for your mama. I love how you want me to walk you around the entire house so that you can switch on every light switch just to make sure everything is in working order. How you have 50+ books but insist I read you the same story every single day, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. How when you see other babies you giggle and kick your feet, wanting to play with them. How your face lights up when the wind blows through your hair. If you could live your life entirely outside you surely would. You are smart and stubborn. Kind but aggressive. Cautious but inquisitive. Your personality is growing and evolving every day and it is my privilege to watch and help you grow. You have made me a better person and for that I am forever grateful.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy. You are truly where the light is.

Love you to the moon and back,


In defense of sleep training

For the last 6 weeks, blogging has been the farthest thing from my mind.  It is not that I couldn’t find the time to write a post, I simply couldn’t gather my thoughts long enough to type anything that made sense. After Thanksgiving, Jax was still waking up every hour. On the dot. Then he became difficult to get back to sleep. Long gone were the days of him nursing right back to sleep. When I did get him back to sleep he was starting to really resist being put down at all. Not only that but putting him down for naps required an elaborate song and dance that resulted in maybe 15 minutes of sleep outside of my arms. Also, Jax does not take a bottle so I became the only person who could really get up with him at night.

In a perfect world, I would love to hold my baby all day and night. But after four months that kind of sleep deprivation finally caught up to me resulting in me collapsing on his floor about a week after Thanksgiving due to pure exhaustion. I am not being my usual dramatic self, it was a very scary moment and I am incredibly lucky I was not holding him at the time. I knew that this was the breaking point for me. Not only was I incredibly frustrated (despite really trying to cut him some slack) but I was also becoming ill and depressed from sleep deprivation. Something had to give.

Enter sleep training.

I did not come to this decison lightly nor did I start immediately. But in the end I came to this decision because I knew that he could handle it. He stopped crying as soon as I picked him up. He was clearly tired but completely lacked the ability to put himself to sleep.

The day I decided to start sleep training, I used some basic guidelines sent to me by my friend E. The method she suggested felt right for Jax and for me. I would put him down drowsy and check on him at different intervals of 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes, etc. until he fell asleep. Naturally, there would be some crying but I wasn’t leaving him in his room for an hour to cry until he exhausted himself to sleep.

The first day was awful. I spent most of my time outside of his door, crying and e-mailing E and bombarding her with questions. I fed and changed him at his normal intervals and he didn’t nap until late afternoon but somehow he feel asleep on his own. And each day got easier and easier for him to fall asleep on his own. He spent less time crying and so did I. Over the course of two weeks he regressed here and there but in the end he figured how to soothe himself without crying. He now puts himself to sleep for 3, sometimes 4 naps a day and is sleeping far better at night. Well, let’s be honest anything is better than up every hour. Some nights are better than others but I am not super concerned about him sleeping through the night at 6 months old.

Not to sound like an infomercial for sleep training but I haven’t even mentioned the best part. I have never seen Jax more happy and content than he is today. And I am not the only one who notices it. Just about everyone who knows Jax has mentioned to me that he is a different baby. I know sleep training isn’t for everyone but in our case it was the right decision for our family. My baby is the healthiest and happiest I have ever seen and so am I. I feel more connected to my son than ever. Life is good. Life is very, very good.


Hosting Thanksgiving this year was a huge success. The turkey turned out great (in large part to my mother coming over at 6:00 a.m. to help me) and everyone had a great time. I am thankful that the entire day went off without a hitch. More than anything I am thankful for the people that were there. Even in the middle of the craziness of hosting I felt like I had a chance to connect with each person and I was reminded how lucky I really am. This year has been the absolute best year of my life.

social plaza update

Earlier this summer I started blogging for my friend’s new company, Social Plaza. It was a truly innovative site that planned to combine shopping and social media. Unfortunately, the economy is still making it difficult to launch new businesses and they will be closing their doors.  In this case though their loss is your gain. They still have plenty of inventory and the owners are selling it to the public for wholesale prices. Not only that but through the holidays they are offering free shipping. All you have to do is log on to their facebook page and click Shop on the left side of the page. Here are some of my favorites…

great expectations

The one thing everyone always tells you when you are pregnant is to sleep now because you won’t sleep again for a very long time. However, if you read my facebook homepage or twitter feed there seem to be plenty of mothers with babies that sleep 8+ hours at six weeks old.

I, on the other hand, am lucky if Jackson sleeps one 3 hour stretch at night. That’s right, 3 freaking hours. Lately that rarely happens. In fact, most nights he is up every hour. I don’t feed him every time but he is up every hour nonetheless. As you can imagine, I am incredibly exhausted. I have tried everything. 5 different types of swaddling blankets. Fleece pajamas. Cotton pajamas. Temperature changes. Sleeping in the swing. Moving to the crib (with an incline). Humidifiers. Blacking out his windows. White noise. Changing his reflux medicine. Adding BioGaia probiotic drops. Warm baths. Massage.  No matter what I do the kid does not love to sleep.

Now, he is probably going through his four month sleep regression but honestly he never improved long enough post-colic to call this a regression. I just feel like I am living through colic with less screaming. But please don’t take this long blog post as a complaint. Yes, it sucks but he is healthy, happy, and really quite funny.

A couple weeks ago when we met with the specialist for Jax’s GERD, the doctor said something that stuck with me: “Cut him some slack, he is not even four months old.” Sure I am exhausted but she is right. This is what I signed up for when I became a mother. Of course I wish he slept more but my expectations need to be adjusted. He is still very young and despite the fact that I feel like every other baby sleeps longer than mine I need to give him a break and be patient.

In the meantime, if you can think of anything that might help I am open to advice.


recipe: slow cooker hawaiian bbq pulled chicken

Since Mr. Jax arrived in our lives I have to admit that cooking dinner has not been on my priority list. By the time dinner rolled around I was often exhausted and sometimes cereal was the best I could do. But it has been four months since he arrived so I figured I should probably get my act together. Enter the slow cooker. I received my slow cooker as a wedding present over two years ago but I never used it until a couple weeks ago. Now I find myself wondering why I waited so long. There is usually less than 10 minutes of prep and it cooks the meal for you. To say I am obsessed with the appliance is an understatement.

For the past couple weeks I have also had this recipe and this recipe on one of my Pinterest boards. So, I decided to combine a little bit of both and I ended up with my own recipe. I know I haven’t done a recipe post in a long time but the result was too delicious not to share.

Slow Cooker Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken

3 lbs. boneless chicken breast (Mine were still frozen)

1 bottle Hawaiian BBQ sauce (I used one from Target–Archer Farms brand)

1 cup frozen pineapple (could use canned but drain first)

4 ounces amber beer

1 teaspoon onion powder

1. Add the chicken to the bottom of the slow cooker. Cover with BBQ sauce, beer, pineapple, and onion powder.

2. Cook on HIGH for 4-6 hours of LOW for 8-10 hours.

3. Remove chicken, shred and add back to sauce mixture allowing the flavors to mix for another 30 minutes on LOW.

3. Serve over steamed rice or on hamburger bun.