7 months

Reggie’s mom recently told me that baby Reg had colic for 7 months.

Let that marinate for a minute. 7 months.

How do you feel? Terrified? Us too.

I couldn’t help but think–what if Jackson’s colic lasts for that long too? I know in the grand scheme of his life 7 months is not that big of a deal but sometimes when you are trying to soothe a screaming baby time seems to stand still. And truthfully, things are not much better than they were a couple weeks ago. He hit 3 months last week and not much changed.  I thought I could say that colic passed us by–and maybe it has–but he is still very, very fussy and obviously uncomfortable most of the day. I am not so sure it is the colic anymore but the reflux. Our pediatrician seems to agree. So next week Jackson will meet with a pediatric gastrointestinal specialist at CHOC to discuss possible tests and stronger medication. The thought of my little boy hooked up to an IV and being put under anesthesia for testing makes me so anxious and terrifies me even more than 7 month long colic. But I know I need to be strong for him and realize that this is only going to help him in the long run. Having him live with painful reflux is far worse than the trials of finding a solution. And we will find a solution—even if it takes 7 months.

6 thoughts on “7 months

  1. Elizabeth {e tells tales} says:

    Damn. I’ve heard of “six months colic” before…but you should also know that even when colic has actually passed, colicky babies are still very dramatic because they are used to being held and coddled and comforted all the time. They need some time to relearn how to chill.

    It’s not a bad idea to investigate the reflux thing though. I’ve heard of something common in first-born males having to do with reflux. They go in and snip something and voila it makes everything better.

    • Jenna (Hello, I Love You) says:

      Yeah, I think that Jax needs to learn to chill big time but he definitely screams and arches his back like crazy at every.single.feeding. I am interested in this whole first-born male reflux thing…I will ask the doc about it today. Thank you E.

  2. Savvy in San Francisco says:

    Our 2nd baby, Tatum, had colic for four months! She hated her car seat and was impossible to drive anywhere with. BUT we did figure out that she LOVED her swing and would actually sleep through the night if she slept in that. So we dragged it into our room and had one happy baby (at least during the night)! She slept in that until 6 months! Good luck!

    • Jenna (Hello, I Love You) says:

      The car seat is definitely out but sometimes he will fall asleep in the swing. I will try that as well–anything to get him some good sleep! Thank you.

  3. Shannon Schreiber (@TheScribblePad) says:

    Behr had aweful colic. I never wrote about it because I couldn’t bring myself to relive even a second of those moments. One thing that helped {warning: unsolicited advice} was to bring him in his bouncy seat or rocker into the bathroom while I took a long steemy shower. It sometimes even helped him fall asleep. Anything that meant he could be comforted not in my arms.

    And I second what Elizabeth said about needing to relearn how to chill. Definitely true.

    • Jenna (Hello, I Love You) says:

      I don’t mind the advice! I never thought about bringing the rocker into the bathroom for that. Good idea. Thank you.

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