(almost) 40 weeks

Forgive me for the gaps in posts.  I have been busy staring at my hospital bag in hopes that a whole Field of Dreams thing would happen–ya know, “If you pack it, he will come.” Yeah, not so much. I do not feel like I am ever going to go into labor. In fact, I feel pretty good. I can’t believe I just wrote that but it is true. Sure I am not sleeping more than an hour at a time and my throat feels like it is on fire if I am not constantly chugging water but it is not that bad. Honestly, I felt much more uncomfortable last week. Now, my mother and mother-in-law seem to think that feeling great is a sign I am about to go into labor. But last week feeling nauseous every day was a sign I was about to go into labor to them. Using their theories I concluded that I am going to be pregnant forever. 😉

Last week when I went to my 39 week doctor’s appointment, we did confirm two things: my baby brings a whole new meaning to “baby got back” and my cervix is C-L-O-S-E-D for business at the moment. That’s right. Not even a measly centimeter. And my bump is as high as Cheech and Chong (minus the drugs, of course). Seriously I am showing NO signs of labor other than the occasional Braxton Hicks contraction. I did, however, have my first “sneeze pee.” That was fun.

If I don’t go into labor by Thursday, my doctor wants to schedule an induction for next week sometime. Until then you can find me staring at my hospital bag, eating all of the pineapple and spicy food I can find, and taking the occasional waddle walk.


3 thoughts on “(almost) 40 weeks

  1. Jenna (Hello, I Love You) says:

    Thanks doll! I feel like I look so tired…but that is probably because I am. I just consider it practice for baby boy. 🙂

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