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I am about to head to the doctor’s for my 39 week appointment so I will definitely be blogging again soon with an update. I am a little nervous my little guy flipped back into the breech position so I am definitely twiddling my thumbs waiting to get there and find out if he turned back. Speaking of twiddling my thumbs, I started packing my hospital bag weeks ago in anticipation that I would go into labor soon after the ECV procedure. Yeah, not so much. My little dude is not ready to arrive yet. I don’t really blame him. His current home is like a 24 hour buffet while floating in a warm pool. I might want to stay too. But when he arrives, I want to have all I need at the hospital with me so Reg doesn’t have to take any trips home.

I have most of the basics that experts recommend: nightgown for me, nursing bras, going home outfit for baby boy (and me), camera, toiletries, slippers and socks, receiving blankets, chargers for cell phone and camera.

Now I need a little help from my fellow mamas out there. What do you wish you had brought to the hospital? Was there anything you brought with you that you absolutely did not need? If you could help me out, I would really appreciate it. Thank you 🙂


UPDATE: Baby boy is still head down. We have also confirmed that he has a huge booty, thus my confusion. He is bringing a whole new meaning to the saying “baby got back.” 😉

9 thoughts on “the hospital bag

  1. Abby Adams says:

    Do you have a baby book yet? I took my daughter’s to the hospital so that I could write her birth story down while it was still fresh in my mind.

    I also took snacks and DVDs for the soon-to-be daddy. He watched nearly an entire season of Nip/Tuck during our stay (I had an emergency C-Section and so we were there for a few days).

  2. Elizabeth {e tells tales} says:

    Okay, take a robe for yourself, just in case you decide to stay in the hospital gown, you won’t feel like a total naked frump when you get up to pee and your butt is hanging out.

    Breastfeeding pillow…you will get a serious crick in your neck if you try to use those pancake pillows they have on the bed.

    Bring your own pillow too…you’ll want the comfort when you’re sleeping in a bed with a crack under your butt.

    A tube of lanolin…put it on your entire nipple area after EVERY feeding for at least the first three weeks and you will avoid cracked and bleeding nipples. Thank me later.

    Plastic flipflops for showering. Our bathroom was straight up nasty.

    Baby mittens. By the time we left the hospital, Everett had scratched his poor face to pieces, but it was too soon to cut his nails because they hadn’t grown off the skin yet.

    Newborn onesies, pants and socks (or a sleep n’ play that covers the whole body). They freak out about keeping the baby warm that first night.

    I second the baby book suggestion, not because I think you’ll have time to write your birth story, but because you can make little notes to yourself at the least and get the nurses to put his footprints in it while they’re doing the one for the birth certificate.

    Snacks. My doctor let me eat and I didn’t vomit, but I was feeling sick whenever I got hungry. You won’t regret bringing a granola bar.

    Things to leave behind:

    Nursing bras and nursing pads…you will be nursing so often that you won’t want that uncomfortable bra on. If you’re modest about people seeing your boobs through your shirt, then bring nursing tanks. And your breasts won’t be leaking yet, so leave the pads behind.

    I’m writing a post about this sometime. I felt like I packed the wrong bag when I went to the hospital…some of it was so useless.

  3. Jenna (Hello, I Love You) says:

    Thank you all for your feedback! I just spent the afternoon repacking the whole bag and I feel a lot more prepared now. 🙂

  4. Jenna says:

    I have no mama to be advice (hopefully will be taking yours soon) but just want you to know I am thinking about you everyday! Can’t wait to meet this gorgeous baby got back boy of yours. xoxox, J.

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