hello, i love…BarbersQ

Reggie is not into making a big deal out of holidays and he didn’t have any sort of expectation for Father’s Day, especially since he isn’t technically a father yet. I, on the other hand, tend to make a big deal out of holidays (and pretty much everything else in my life) so I wanted to take him somewhere fun to celebrate how special he is to me. Selfishly, I have been craving barbeque and knew that I wanted to take him somewhere with really kick ass barbeque. I had been stalking the menu at a barbeque spot in Napa called BarbersQ. They have great reviews and I love that they try to use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. So when I saw that I could make a last minute reservation we headed up to wine country.

We were seated right away and the service was authentically warm and friendly from the moment we walked in the door. Immediately, I ordered some of their homemade cornbread and honey butter to start.

What arrived was some of the most delicious, moist cornbread I have had in a while. The honey butter added just the right amount of sweetness without overpowering. Yum!

Also upon seating we were informed that they were out of several of the barbeque items that I had planned on trying (brisket, ribs) so I was sort of disappointed. They did, however, have some of their special Sunday night fried chicken so Reg ordered that right away. Flustered with the lack of barbeque, I ordered the BBQ shrimp in a hurry. That is a weird choice for me but I am pregnant so unusual eating is sort of expected. Luckily, the choices we made were fantastic.

The fried chicken was juicy, crispy, and perfectly seasoned. Definitely lived up to the hype. Our server presented us with a homemade pepper vinegar to add to the chicken and it definitely enhanced the flavor, without overpowering. I highly recommend adding that if you order this dish. Reggie’s favorite ingredient on the planet is the potato and he loved the mashed potatoes. Surprisingly the gravy was a standout because it was not heavy and overly salted as most gravies tend to be. The collard greens on the side were a first for him and he seemed to really enjoy them. I loved them but then again I love anything cooked with any sort of bacon.

The BBQ shrimp were light and fresh with a hint of spice. At this point in our meal, this is where the service just kept getting better. My dish actually did not come out with the rest of the food because the chef didn’t like how they came out the first time. I appreciated that a lot because there is nothing worse than overcooked shrimp.

My favorite thing we ordered was, by far, the macaroni and cheese. See, I consider myself a sort of mac n’ cheese expert. I was a pain in the ass willful child and I pretty much only ate mac n’ cheese for the first 15 years of my life. My taste has thankfully matured but I still appreciate trying different versions. This one had the perfect amount of the creamy sauce with a hint of sharpness and a buttery crust. I could have devoured it all myself. Luckily for Reg, I shared. This is a must order friends.

I am not even going to pretend that we didn’t finish any of our plates because there was literally not a crumb of food left. Somehow we had room for dessert. I think that has something to do with the fact that both Reg and myself have been eating like a teenage boy lately.

In addition to craving barbeque, I have been craving Key Lime Pie. So when I saw that as an option on their dessert menu, I was sold. At least one craving was satisfied! What arrived was one of the creamiest, dreamiest lime pies I have ever tried. Topped with fresh, homemade whipped cream, I licked the plate clean. On top of it all, I was “mmmming” the whole time. I must be so embarrassing to take out in public. My husband sure loves me a lot. So I gave him the last bite.

Overall, I loved our experience here. We definitely plan on visiting again and hopefully that time I can actually try my beloved barbeque. But judging from our experience, anything you order at this restaurant is prepared with care and talent.


6 thoughts on “hello, i love…BarbersQ

  1. D says:

    Salivating…desperately trying to convince husband to drive a billion miles across the continent to eat where you eat…jealous.

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