baby name game pt II


At this point in my pregnancy, I am completely comfortable ignoring people’s negative reactions to the names my husband and I have selected as possibilities for our child. I don’t care what anyone thinks and I am in love with our now (very short) list of names. My favorite has not changed. Nowadays, I am more concerned with picking his middle name. For most people, the middle name is probably optional and not nearly as big of a deal as the first name. For my husband and I, however, the middle name is a very. big. deal.

See, my husband is Native Hawaiian and in our family having a Hawaiian middle name is expected and usually what we “call” him on an everyday basis. Part of that expectation is that the name traditionally comes to the mother one night in a dream called an inoa po (literally night name/dream name). No pressure, right? If I could control my dreams during pregnancy, I most certainly would considering the Freddy Krueger-like nightmares that have been plaguing me each evening. Scary stuff people! So for the last 2 months I have been having mini panic attacks over not having this dream. Reggie (Hawaiian name=Kawale) told me to relax and that we can just pick it out, the dream is not mandatory. So, I relaxed and starting reading my Hawaiian name book in hopes to pick out the perfect name for our son. Then two nights ago…it happened. I was having the most bizarre dream where I was in a car with friends from high school in New Hampshire AND college in Colorado and they asked Reg and I to join them on a vacation to Hawai’i. I told them I would let them know because, afterall, I had a child. And then one of my friends asked me about his name and I just blurted it out, Hawaiian name and all. Immediately upon waking I went and researched the meaning and it is downright magical. How crazy is that? I am still in shock but I cannot stop smiling. 🙂

4 more weeks until we meet our little man!


5 thoughts on “baby name game pt II

    • Jenna (Hello, I Love You) says:

      Yes!! I lived in Windham, NH until I was 16. Where in NH are you from? Such a small world! Love it.

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