when it is time to take him home…

At my baby shower, our baby boy received so many beautiful clothes as gifts. So much so that I have spent the last couple days doing load after load of laundry in preparation for his arrival. At this point, he has an entire drawer dedicated to socks, hats, and shoes and the kid won’t actually be walking in them while they fit. Not that I am complaining though. I mean, is there anything cuter than teeny baby shoes, other than the actual baby? I think not.

Not only did he receive a lot of “outfits” but they are all (thankfully) really cute. Most of the gifts we received are in larger sizes because as we know babies grow very fast. In fact, we have hardly any clothes for the 0-3 months age. I think my family and friends are trying to tell me they think this baby is going to be HUGE. Considering I was almost 10 lbs when I was born, having a large baby would not be very shocking. Regardless of their hinting, I don’t think I can take baby boy home from the hospital in this…



A bit much for a newborn!

Instead, I intend on taking him home in something a bit more simple–think onesie, socks, maybe a cute hat–nothing too crazy. I want to select something I really love for pictures but also something that he can wear as long as possible. It makes no sense to me to pick something that he will wear only once, ya know? Here are some of the little outfits I am considering.





GH Outfit 3.jpg

(source L, R)


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