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Good morning kittens! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I sure did. In addition to spending some much needed time with my hubs, I got to spend time with two of my favorite people.

IMG_1176.JPG IMG_1202.JPG

Okay, okay. Crosby is not a person and I do spend 90% of my time with him but I couldn’t resist posting his cute little face. Truth is, my sister Molli came up to visit and help me set up the nursery. Until recently, I had pretty much been using that room as a universal catch all. It was embarrassing and, quite frankly, starting to freak. me. out. I am now 33 weeks into my pregnancy and even though I had purchased mostly all of the nursery furniture, nothing was put together. It was time people. I just couldn’t stare at it any longer. Nesting has officially kicked in.

I should add that my husband is an amazing help. If I need help with anything, he is there. But last week, he started a huge project at his company which basically requires him to work from 7 am until midnight, with a 45 minutes commute each way thrown in. Finding the time to put together all of the furniture was not happening. And because I am in “this must get done NOW” mode, I needed someone else to help right away.

Enter Molli. She happily volunteered to help put together all the furniture and help me organize all of the gifts from the baby shower. Love this girl. I am not sure about you, but most people I know do not jump up and down about putting together Ikea furniture. Not that I that am surprised though. I am incredibly lucky because that is the type of relationship I have with my sisters. They are my best friends. If one of us needs anything, we are there as soon as we can to help. That sort of mentality is central to the way my parents raised us (and probably why all three of us had an obsessive attraction to Little Women as children). I hope that my children share a similar bond.


So after spending the first day playing and eating some delicious food, we started the furniture building process. Yes, she is wearing a dress. That is just how she rolls. After a couple hours and, shockingly, no arguments we had a dresser, a bookcase/changing table, and a crib. I am going to wait to post pictures of the whole room until it is is done but here is a little preview…






So far I am loving this room. Next up…coloring up these walls a bit without painting since we rent. Any ideas (other than decals)?


P.S. Thank you Molls for being such a great help!

8 thoughts on “nursery progress

    • Jenna (Hello, I Love You) says:

      Thank you! I am really excited about the bedding. As you know, I was really nervous. If it didn’t turn out well, I was probably going to freak out. Too funny that you have both of those in your stash!

      And thank you for the suggestion, I love the idea of framing fabric. That would be a fun project.

    • Jenna (Hello, I Love You) says:

      Thank you!

      If I lived 5 min away from Fremont Diner, I might be there every day. As it is, I do the 45 min drive there almost once a week. It is that special. Try it and let me know what you think. 🙂

  1. bridget says:

    this looks so great. i love the crib- is it the sparrow by oeuf? i only know these things because i work for a maternity store. i am IN THE KNOW. of course, if i’m wrong, i take back what i just said.

    • Jenna (Hello, I Love You) says:

      Oh yes it is! Love that crib.

      I didn’t know that you work for a maternity store. Are you loving that or hating that at this point?

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