baby name game

The most common question I am asked while pregnant is “do you have any names picked out?” In response, I tend to (attempt to) stare at my feet and mumble something along the lines of “we are going to name him when we meet him.” But that is not exactly true. We do have names picked out. I even have a favorite. I just don’t want to share it with anyone. You see, ever since I got pregnant, lots of “advice” is being thrown in my direction. And add in the fact that I am hormonal and extra sensitive, the reaction I get when I tell people the name is usually ends with me in tears. So, I stopped sharing.

Yesterday I broke my rule and shared our top names with someone and their reaction was pretty typical- very obvious distaste. And that was only after sharing one name! I wanted to cry. In that moment I decided to stop caring what other people think about the name. Not everyone is going to like every decision we make with our son. And we still will not finalize the name until he is born just to be sure it fits him but I do know one thing. I will stop the whiny, sensitive, dramatic reaction I have when people don’t love the name we picked. He is our son and whatever name we pick will be perfect for him. Because we picked it and because we love how it belongs to this amazing little man that we created. I can’t wait to meet him.


6 thoughts on “baby name game

  1. D says:

    Haters are gonna hate! As Katt Williams says, “That’s what it’s like when haters be on you.” LOL..i’m sure your son will love the name you choose.

  2. Abby Adams says:

    Ahhh… We went through this, too. Our daughter is named Harper and I can’t count the number of times that people took it upon themselves to inform me that Harper is a “boys name.” Obviously they have never read To Kill a Mockingbird and are not very smart. Neither are the people who offer less than enthusiastic responses to your name choice(s). Boo to them, I say.

    Anyway, I love your blog. I just “discovered” it and think its awesome.

    • Jenna (Hello, I Love You) says:

      Boo is right! People are bizarre Harper was at the top of my girl names–love that name.

      Thank you for the kind words on my blog. I’m really glad you found me! 🙂

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