Hello, I love….S’mores Pie

A couple weekends ago, Reggie and I drove down to San Jose to meet up with his aunts and their beautiful baby boy. Since they were making dinner, I offered to make dessert. Then I sort of panicked. I am such a drama queen. See, I have not had any major cravings during this pregnancy. Even more strange, most sweets have even been completely unappealing. Salty foods are far more appealing. So I was a little stumped on what to make because nothing sweet sounded great to me. That was until I stumbled upon this recipe. S’mores Pie! Jessica from How Sweet It Is managed to take what happens to be my favorite pre-pregnancy combination of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows and turn it into a magnificent pie. I was sold. I followed the recipe exactly and it was truly perfect just the way it is. In the end, dinner was amazing and my dessert was a huge hit. And now I am back to loving sweets so this is some pretty powerful pie.




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