The Best Thing I Have Ever Made

So I know that I have not blogged for quite some time. In fact, I thought I was done blogging altogether. A lot has happened in the last 6 months and I just did not have the energy to even think about writing. A couple weeks after my last blog post, I was informed that my husband was being transferred for work and we were moving to Northern California. After some careful thinking, I resigned from my teaching position, and then, within a couple weeks of moving discovered that I was PREGNANT. I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least. Mostly, I was overjoyed. A baby is something my husband and I have wanted for a long time. And now we are expecting a little boy to arrive around July 14th, which happens to be the day before my birthday. Best. Present. Ever.

I was pretty sick for the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy and then spent the next 4 weeks overwhelmed by the profound changes my body was experiencing. During that time I was upset with the fact that we do not have any friends living up here and pregnancy is not exactly the best friendship maker in your 20’s. Again, I was not really feeling going to back to blogging. Then suddenly something changed in me. I started feeling comfortable and beautiful in my new shape (gotta love that second trimester). I am proud of my new round belly–and nothing beats the feeling of those first baby kicks. I knew that the experience of being pregnant with my first child was something I wanted to share with my family and friends who now live far away. I wish I had started earlier but better late than never I suppose. So here I am, at 22 weeks ready to write again. I am really excited because I really do love blogging but I think that until now I had not found the right focus. After all, I think the best blogs are the ones where the writers are truly passionate and excited about their subject. I am thrilled to have finally found mine.

So going forward there will be some changes. As much as I love reading food blogs, I have decided that blogging exclusively about food is not something I want to pursue. I will continue to write about food and my jewelry but they will no longer be the sole focus. This blog will now become a place to simply share all the things I love, including all things baby.



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