Creature of Habit


With almost 500,00 people living in Long Beach, I am always surprised by the look of familiarity that the people at Coffee Cup Cafe have in their eyes every weekend when my husband and I visit. We love going to Starling Diner but Coffee Cup is definitely our regular breakfast spot. Reggie works a lot of hours Monday-Friday so Saturday mornings are our time to catch up over a delicious breakfast and the best cup of coffee in town.


I mean, with a name like Coffee Cup Cafe, they better have a good cup of coffee, right? The consistency is thicker than average, which, for me is ideal. There is always a flavored option and they are not your standard French Vanilla and Hazelnut. Instead you will find rich Cinnamon flavors or my favorite, Chocolate Macadamia Nut.

Reggie and I are definitely adventurous eaters but at Coffee Cup, we always order the exact same thing.


Pancake Combo for him. We both swear there is a hint of cinnamon in these fluffy cakes. Or as my husband just said “it is like eating a cloud.” Very descriptive that one. 😉


Juan’s Favorite omelette for me. I order this every time I go here. Seriously. This is pretty standard behavior for me though when it comes to breakfast. When I was a little girl, I loved nothing more than going out to breakfast with my grandfather. It was in those moments where we talked about my dreams. And each week at the same place, each of us ordered the same thing (french toast for me, eggs and bacon for him). I am definitely a creature of habit.


This omelette, like everything else here is perfection–slightly sweet veggie chorizo, perfectly cooked veggies, enveloped in a thin egg blanket topped with creamy avocado. If you are a fan of spicy, top the omelette with copious amounts of their homemade green salsa. I really do want to try something else…but I probably won’t. 😉

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