Summer Memories & Cupcakes


When I think of summer desserts, my mind is always drawn to a cake my family used to purchase every summer growing up in New Hampshire. So simple but so addicting–just layers of white cake with fresh whipped cream and berries. Every year I looked forward to enjoying that cake and every year I ate my body weight in it. 😉

Since I am no longer living in New Hampshire, I could not have this specific treat but I wanted to recreate something that would satisfy the craving. Luckily, Giada de Laurentiis’s recipe for Raspberry Cream Cupcakes did all of the work for me. And it may have been the easiest dessert I have ever made. You get to cheat by using boxed cake mix with some little extras like vanilla and almond (!!) extract. Then you whip some fresh cream and fold in some smashed fresh raspberries. So simple and incredibly delicious.




What is your favorite summer dessert?



3 thoughts on “Summer Memories & Cupcakes

  1. Captain of the blue raft says:

    You know what i luv more than great summer dessert and coffee in NH?? …. handing out summer time oreo cookies for beers on the truckee river.

    Where is my cd of all the pictures??? Not kidding around anymore. 🙂

  2. Jenna (Hello, I Love You) says:

    Agreed!! I miss the Truckee so much! I will give you the CD next time we hand out…when will that be?

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