Buttermilk Truck

In the Los Angeles area, food trucks have dramatically increased in popularity. However, the days of the basic taco are long gone. We are talking about some serious eats here. Just by utilizing twitter , you can find just about any kind of food in a gourmet lunch truck. Locations and sometimes menu items change daily but the food has always been delicious.

I love the concept so I have decided it is only right for me to try all of the trucks in the area. I started with Kogi BBQ–which is amazing and yesterday morning I finally tried The Buttermilk Truck. Think breakfast comfort food with a Hawaiian Twist.


I checked out some reviews on Yelp beforehand to see what items should not be missed. The red velvet chocolate chip pancake bites were popular–and for good reason. Check these out!


That would be (what tasted like) cream cheese whipped cream on top and it is even more fabulous than you can imagine. The pancakes themselves were incredibly light too. Completely lived up to the hype.

We had to try the blueberry pancake bites too and they were equally as lovely. The blueberries were fresh and abundant. Yes, we ate them all too!


As if you need more of a reason to visit this truck, the breakfast sliders should also not be missed. Not as aesthetically pleasing as the other items but every bit as delicious. Shoyu scrambled eggs, portuguese sausage and caramelized onions on 3 hawaiian sweet rolls. Not too greasy, as a lot of portuguese sausage can be in my experience and disappeared before I knew it. 😉


Finally, the chicken apple sausage biscuit sandwich. The biscuit was buttery and flakey. One of my favorites for the day. Per-fection!


We ate every last bite and it was so worth it! Everything in moderation is my motto. I highly recommend tracking down this truck if you are ever in the LA area. Follow them on twitter here.

How was your weekend?



One thought on “Buttermilk Truck

  1. prettytimepiece says:

    ohhhh my goodness everything looks amazing. i would have eaten every last bite, too! i love breakfast comfort food 😀

    hehe & that’s so interesting it came on a truck. instead of the Ice Cream Truck it’s the Brunch Truck!

    glad you had a fun weekend!



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