What inspires you?

Music is a huge inspiration for my work and my life. I grew up dancing so I think music for me is not something I just love to listen to but something I feel in my soul. There are songs I listen to that make me smile when I have a terrible day, songs I turn on to celebrate, and songs that open my mind and really nurture my creativity. In that spirit, every week I would like to share with all of you music that inspires my work and my life.

This week I would like to talk about Hem. And honestly I am a little behind on this amazing band. I first discovered them in a commercial:

After doing a little research, I found out that with their first album, Rabbit Songs, Hem wanted to create an album that you could listen to for the rest of you life. Here is a great special I found on them that charts their history as a band. It is an inspiring example of following your dreams. What inspires you?

Enjoy and have an amazing weekend!

P.S. I should have some more necklaces up in my shop early next week. I can’t wait to share them with you. xoxo

Open for Business

I recently opened a shop on etsy after dreaming about it for a long time. I have always had an interest in jewelry making, helping my aunt design the earrings for my jewelry. For earring and wedding pictures, click here. Best. day. ever.

A little background story on how I got here. I went to college in Fort Collins, Colorado (Go Rams!) where I met Reggie (my husband). I loved every minute of my time there and met my best friends there. I studied Speech Communication and quickly discovered that I wanted to continue my education and work towards a Master’s degree in Communication. However, after receiving my Master’s degree and teaching for 3 years, I made the decision that teaching was not something I wanted to do at that point. I wanted to experience something else.  Reggie and I were married the following May and I took some time to think about what I really wanted for a career. At this point, I felt pretty defeated because I had worked so hard in my competitive Master’s program and did well but something was just missing.

I started working retail for a yoga apparel company that I respected and felt like a place I could grow and have the space to explore my passions. They inspired me to set goals and that I did. Be careful what you wish for. I wanted to learn how to make jewelry because I had so many design ideas floating in my head. So after lots of reading and online education (ahem, YouTube), I taught myself how to put things together. I am also enrolled in a class at UCLA for Handmade Jewelry so I can continue to refine my skills. I love making jewelry. It is truly my passion. Hello, I Love You is a jewelry line that meshes my two loves (other than the Hubs)–yoga and music. Each piece is named after a song but also inspired by my yoga practice. Okay enough talking. Here are some of my first pieces that are for sale. What do you think?

Wind Cries Mary




Paint it Black



Wish You Were Here





Concrete Jungle

Last month I was lucky enough to join my sister as she styled her first runway shows for New York Fashion Week. She is only 22 and already an amazing hair stylist! One of my best friends/cousin flew in from New Hampshire to take part in our NYC adventure too.

I love New York but I hardly travel there. So this time around we did a lot of “touristy” activities (think Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Ellis Island) and loved every minute of it. Of course, my favorite parts were the food (Toasted Marshmallow Shake anyone?!) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I left feeling so inspired that the day I returned I created 8 necklaces alone! Here are a some of the photos I snapped while on my snowy adventure to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of…








IMG_0563.JPG IMG_0575.JPG


IMG_0640.JPG IMG_0658.JPG









I tried so hard to get a good picture (i.e. my eyes open) but the snow was not having it!

Hello, I Love You

Welcome friends! I used to say that I wouldn’t start a blog until I could find the perfect name. Now, looking back, the name seemed so obvious. I am someone who believes in the beauty and power of love. Probably cheesy and naive but in my experience it certainly doesn’t hurt. Think about it– if everything we did in life came from a place of love, how much better would the world be?

I am a 25 year old jewelry maker/photography enthusiast/trivia nut/(sometimes) healthy foodie/yogi living in Southern California with my new husband, Reggie. Think of Hello, I Love You as your local coffee shop. Somewhere we can chat about things that are important (and the not so important) and celebrate the beautiful things in life.



“Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. ” ~Jean Anouilh